Gianmarco Carnovale

Imprenditore e Presidente
Roma Startup

Gianmarco Carnovale, 46, entrepreneur, technologist and startup advocate, innovation pioneer on the Rome’s scene since 90’s.


In the years between 1998 and 2010 he was responsible for strategies in a Startup Studio, as well as founder and CEO of several companies launched in software, new media, consumer electronics, odm.


Longly engaged in advocacy associations, he promotes innovation and entrepreneurship speaking at conferences, consulting institutions and political actors, and as a columnist for several publications.


Passionate of startup practices and venture business, exponential organization and open innovation, since 2010 he has worked in the structuring or the management of several startup accelerators (Enlabs and TIM Wcap in Rome, FinTech Accelerator from Unicredit Group in Milan).


Since 2012 co-founder and chairman of Roma Startup, association which collects enablers – incubators, investors, universities, business schools, professionals – forming the startup ecosystem in Rome; Since 2015 to 2019 he has served as Italian member in the board of directors of Allied for Startups, the organization that groups worldwide’s startup ecosystems; Co-founder and member of Strategic Committee since 2017 at Copernicani, an assotiation who aims to leverage on innovation and technology to win XXI century’s challenges.


Professor of venture entrepreneurship at Universities, Columnist and Speaker, since 2017 he is curator of the Rome Startup Week festival while helps as a mentor and advisor several italian startups, also participating in the equity of some of these.

Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of SCUTER, a technology startup aiming to disrupt mass urban transportation.

09 Nov, 12:30
→ 14:00

Round Table

Fotografia dell’ecosistema startup italiano

Round Table -
09 Nov, 12:30 → 14:00

Come sta crescendo l’ecosistema startup italiano? Quali sono le sfide da affrontare nel prossimo decennio? Finalmente le aziende stanno capendo le logiche dell’Open Innovation. Come sfruttare questa grande opportunità di crescita dell’intero ecosistema?